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Things you may want to know:

  • The price of your app is based on the total memory (RAM) allocated. Memory allocation is done in 32MB blocks, each of which cost ¢0.6 per hour (approximately $4.32/month).
  • We bill you by the hour. So if you scale up, or start some extra instances for testing you will only pay for the memory-hours used.
  • Disk space is included. Live applications may use up to 10GB per 1GB of RAM allocated to the app' services. For apps with special requirements, custom pricing is also available by contacting us.
  • Enterprise ready. When you grow, we grow the services with you. For larger customers (generally over $1000,- / month) we offer custom pricing, application specific monitoring and alerts, custom development services and priority support.
  • Priority support available. For mission-critical applications we offer priority support. With priority support you may count on direct access to our engineering team at any time.


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*Monthly bill estimate based on a 30-day month of constant usage. Usage measured hourly.

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