Scale-as-you-go pricing

and support from our PaaS experts.


${{monthly_estimate() | number: 2}} /30d

  • All features included.

  • Containers
    x MB

    • {{preset.containers}} vCPUs
    • {{preset.containers * preset.size * 128}} MB RAM
    • SSD Drives
  • ${{calc_containers() | number: 2}}/30d

  • MySQL DB

    • {{feature}}
  • ${{calc_addons() | number: 2}}/30d

  • Support

    • {{feature}}
  • ${{calc_support() | number: 2}}/30d
    or 15% of your monthly usage

Enterprise Support

  • Direct access to our solution architects that helped hundreds of customers make the best decisions for their mission critical apps.
  • 24/7 emergency support hotline available for critical issues and higher priority for general purpose tickets.
  • In depth support for problem diagnostics from the engineering and operations teams building and running the platform.
  • Individual contract terms per account to meet enterprise-specific requirements.

Contact Sales for Enterprise Support
+49 30 60 98 84 89 1 or

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

The dotCloud platform features:

  • Instant and zero-downtime deployment
  • Granular horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Management by CLI/GUI/API
  • Access to logs and diagnostic information
  • Low latency and robust routing tier
  • Large add-on ecosystem
  • Rock-solid architecture
  • No lock-in through open stacks and buildpacks
  • 24/7 platform-monitoring
  • 750 meh (memory hours) free per month

How does the container pricing work?

For containers we charge $ 0.01 per memory hour. Memory hours (meh) are the unit used to measure consumed computing ressources on the dotCloud platform. One memory hour is 128mb/h and is priced at $ 0.01 per hour and prorated to the second. When you scale your containers horizontally (more containers) or vertically (more memory per container) we charge you for the sum of memory hours accross those containers. 750 memory hours are free per month per deployment.

Is dotCloud pay-per-use?

Yes, dotCloud is completly pay-per-use. You only pay for what you consumed. The above "plans" are examples of common setups for your convenience but you can configure your exact setup according to your needs.

What does "or 15% of your monthly usage" mean?

If 15% of your monthly usage of containers and add-ons exceeds the plan’s 30-day price, all plans are charged based on actual usage instead. E.g. if your monthly invoice for the consumption of containers and add-ons was $ 2000, charges of $ 300 would apply for the business plan instead of $ 249.

Can I upgrade and downgrade support plans at any time?

You can upgrade your support plan at any time and it will start immediately, charges apply prorated. If you downgrade, your new support plan starts from the beginning of the next month.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time and there are no minimum contract durations. If you cancel your account, no further charges apply. At the end of the billing period you will receive one final invoice for consumption between the beginning of the billing period and the cancellation date.