1. Configure your stack

Don't waste time with servers. Just select the services you need and combine them into a stack.

One configuration file tells our platform how to setup your stack.

$ cat dotcloud.yml
    type: python
    type: mongodb

2. Go live

When you're ready, simply run a few commands to push your application to our platform.

Done! Your app is now online.

# Register your application
$ dotcloud create ramenlive -f live

# Push your code
$ dotcloud push ramenlive

# Add your own custom domain.
$ dotcloud alias add ramenlive.www www.iloveramen.com

3. Scale

If you're expecting a surge in traffic, simply scale your application to handle the load and increase reliability. We take care of load-balancing and failover automatically - no configuration required.

# Scale your app to have 5 web service instances and
# your database to have 3 instances with 1Gb of RAM
$ dotcloud scale www=5 db=3 db:memory=1G

4. Monitor

Using our advanced dashboard you can see exactly what is going on with your traffic, response times and memory use.


Your service instances will be distributed over different servers in our cluster. They share the host with with other clients, but our technology makes sure your application has its own reserved memory and cannot be harmed by other applications. All applications are monitored 24/7 by our operations team.

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