About the dotCloud Platform

The dotCloud Platform is a service provided by cloudControl, Inc. The Platform launched in 2011 as the industry’s first multi-language Platform as a Service. The Platform simplifies application development by allowing programmers to focus just on the code for their service while the Platform handles code building, scaling, deployment and load-balancing.

In 2013, recognizing the need for flexible, PaaS-like environments inside enterprises and across clouds, the company released much of its PaaS container technology as the open source Docker project. Docker is an open source engine for deploying any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere. By delivering on the promise “Build Once…Run Anywhere,” Docker has seen explosive growth, and its impact is being seen across devops, PaaS, and hybrid cloud environments.

The success of the Docker project led the company to change its name from "dotCloud, Inc." to "Docker, Inc." in October 2013 in order to reflect its focus on the new product. Docker, Inc. continues to run the dotCloud Platform, supporting thousands of containers running applications for a wide variety of businesses.

dotCloud (now Docker, Inc.) was founded by Solomon Hykes and Sebastien Pahl, and is venture backed by Benchmark (Peter Fenton), Trinity Ventures (Dan Scholnick), Yahoo! Founder Jerry Yang, Y Combinator, and Ron Conway. For more information, please see Docker.com

On August 1, 2014 cloudControl, Inc. acquired the dotCloud PaaS business from Docker, Inc.

dotCloud Platform Milestones

August 2014 cloudControl, Inc. signs into definitive agreement to acquire the dotCloud PaaS business from Docker, Inc. to run the dotCloud PaaS.
October 2013 dotCloud, Inc. changes its name to Docker, Inc. and continues to run the dotCloud Platform while developing Docker.
July 2013Former Gluster CEO and opensource veteran Ben Golub joins dotCloud & Docker as CEO
May 2013
April 2013dotCloud closes the free "Sandbox" tier for the Platform
March 2013dotCloud releases Docker
June 2012SD Times Recognizes dotCloud in SD Top 100 2012
March 2012Announced Websocket Support and Vertical Scaling
Dec 2011Forbes - 30 Under 30: Technology
Nov 2011Announced support for MongoDB, Redis, MySQL
Sept 2011Venturewire Fastech 50 award
June 2011Won Gigaom Structure People & Judge awards
June 2011Announced pricing and end of beta
May 2011Acquired DuoStack
March 2011$10M Series A - Benchmark and Trinity
January 2011Launched first multi-language PaaS in beta
December 2010$800K Angel Round
June 2010Y-Combinator

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